Monday, December 22, 2008


I am so bored here at work today! It has been an insane day for me. I am scheduled to be on PIC until 5pm, and helping train the new/return worker on the new system. Then I've been putting away the deliveries, and helping get the order ready for the week, since Jami is out with a broken ankle. Ahhhhhhhh.....crazytimes. And I came this close to falling down the stairs! Cuz I am THAT talented! Lol fun times.

We have something like 18 inches of snow now. It's pretty and all, but it's cold wet and irritating! At least we'll have a White Christmas, and it's good for the summer what with all the "drought" conditions we've had over the last couple years.

Our washing machine went ka-put over the weekend. So, now we have to go out to Aaron's tonight to see about getting a new washer and dryer, since our dryer takes like 4 hours to dry one load of laundry. And that's on a good day! So, since all I've had since moving out on my own is hand-me-down stuff, we are getting something new and nice! I want a front loader combo, maybe with steam. Kinda depends on what the payments will be, but if we are buying somethine new, might as well get what I really want. Right?????

Ok, well I'm off to pretend to do some work for the next 4 hours until I get to leave. Chao