Monday, December 1, 2008

Killing Time

All right, all right! I know I've been slacking for a while on this blog thing, but unbunch your bundies everyone cuz I'm back! Lol. Anywho. This whole Thanksgiving weekend has been nutty. Crazy busy. I worked the day before, and then went home and was up until 11:00 making rolls from scratch! AHHHHH Yes, I am insane! Then Thursday, we spent the day out at the in-laws, and it was actually quite nice. Other than the fact the my back felt like it was broken anyway. We got to visit with an aunt and uncle of the hubby's that we actually like. Found some nice (cheap) wines that I really like. The day was rather relaxing. Then I worked 8-5 on black Friday-fine with me since I'm broke, and couldn't buy anything anyway. After work, we went to Todd's grandma's house and were stuck with some relatives we really don't mesh well with. Talk about irritating!

Well, on to more fun things like Christmas decorations! lol. My hubby is actully into that this year. Normally he's a bah humbug sort, so this is a nice change. I think a lot of it has to do with our son being so excited about Christmas this year. The past few years he just hasn't understood, but he's at the age now where it's the most exciting time of the year!!! FUN! We got him a Wii for Christmas. Probably don't really have the money to afford it, but ...oh well. Todd and I can't wait to break the sucker out and play it! I think we may even end up taking out to Cin and Lou's when we go out there after opening gifts at our place Christmas morning! I am totally stoked to try it out!

Todd has been so great lately! Helping out with the housework and cooking dinners and breakfasts. It's really nice. Although it throws me for a loop since it's so different from the usual. I think a lot of it has to do with him thinking I want more romance. Which would be nice, but I knew from the get-go that he's not the romantical type, so I wasn't holding out for that or anything. I can't seem to convince him of that yet though.

Well, I'm heading out the door soon. Check back in with you all later.