Thursday, January 29, 2009

Caution: work and boredom do not mix well!!

This is how I am about to spend my day, as I haven't got much of anything to do! Might as well catch a few zzzz's while I'm bored out of my mind!
I did have a project to work on, and that helped to while away the down time here at good ol PICMC. However, my project is done until I have time to spend with the boss lady so she can show me how I am to do the next portion of the project. Which could be never, since I, being extremely lucky, get to help train the 2 new MA's we are getting in the next 2 weeks. Guess I'll have to go back to my first plan of sleeping at my desk lol.
So, I have decided that if I were required to live somewhere that was gray all the time, as it was here the last 2 weeks or so, I would be come a homicidal maniac. Depression mixed with having to deal with too many stupid people is not a good combination. And, as I am not Suicidal in my Depression....that leaves only Homicide. Ahhh, well....we need to clean out the gene pool of our society anyhow.
Well, off to find some more fun and exciting things to do here to kill a few more hours. May not even have to come in tomorrow, since they don't want anyone having OT. Too bad....breaks my heart....NOT!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Ok, see the lions baring their teeth?? That's how I'm feeling right about now. I'm stuck working for an office nurse who just HAD to leave becuase her daughter got immunizations yesterday and is now running a fever. Helloooooo......normal....Get over yourself. She has her 8month old at the doctor at least once a week. Give the kid a chance to chase off a runny nose by herself for once. Ridiculous!

And the drama....oh-my-god! Get a freaking daycare that's licensed and maybe you won't have so many freaking problems!!!! And, while we all nod and smile, we really don't care about your issues, so keep them to yourself!

Wich I could bring myself to say that, but I'm too weenie, plus I'd like to keep my job, not that I'm liking it at the moment, but hey. No, instead I just not and smile and do the bullshit job that I don't want to do today. Thank goodness for Rich and Rachel. They are lifesavers. Rich did 2 ear irrigations for me today and Rachel told me to let her know if I needed any help even if they are busy down on PIC. At this moment, I love them both!

And, where the heck is lunch??? We are supposed to be getting Mandarin House. Is it here? No. Why not? All us ferocious beasties at PICMC are freaking hungry! Before you know it, we may have to start gnawing on someones arm! Not really. There's no one here who looks all the delicious to me! lol. Ok I better git before someone thinks I'm not doing my job! Chao!