Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I need some Tranquility in my head

Wouldn't it be nice to be like the rain dripping off the eaves? To be poetry and not have to use words to explain ourselves. Words cannot always do our emotions justice. Human emotions are much to complex for words.

After my horrid night last night, all I want is a little tranquility. I managed to find some amazing pictures on the world wide web. One I'm using for a screensaver, it's able to suck me into it and calm me, if only for a moment before I am dragged away for more fun and excitement at this party that is Physician's.

The other picture that caught my eye, is the one I have on this blog here. Somehow the words spoke to me and I had to use it. I also had to print off a copy that does not come close to doing it justice for something to just stare at. Even now my earlier statement proves true, words cannot do our emotions or thoughts justice all the time.

I am so thankful for the friends I have here at work. They let me invade medical records and vent without judgement. In fact they even understand where I'm coming from. I'd still be full of mental anguish and confusion if not for their willingness to listen and commisserate. Thank you Jenni and Rachel. You are both priceless friends!
Now, here's hoping I can force my brain to move on and give up the urge to punch my husband in the throat and kick him in the nads for accusing me of not planning meals for him, but doing so for the girls at our little luncheons. I hadn't realized how horrible I was being for trying to save a little money by not going out to eat at McD's at lunch time. I guess I'll have to try and spend less than the 2 seconds online getting a recipe for my next lunch day that I spent yesterday, so that I would have something easy and quick and not have to make 2 meals last night.
Salisbury steak is on the menu tonight and if Todd opens his big mouth and complains to me, he may not live to see tomorrow. I spent more time last night going through my cookbook for a recipe for tonight than I ever have for the girls at our work lunches. I still don't get where the hell he was coming from, or how he felt he had any right to be pissed that I would get one recipe off the internet for lunch when I have combed recipe books and sites for yummy ideas to use at home.
Well, guess I should get off here and find out if there is something I need to be doing here at work. Not that I want to. I'd rather be at home in my nice warm bed, dreaming of a gorgeous man like I had to do last night just to be able to fall asleep.
A note to Rachel......please post more about our friend Freda!! I need something that will make me laugh!!! And, Freda promises to be about the funniest thing around!


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