Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Helloooooo Trixie!

I have this "special" friend, her name is Trixie, a cute little nick-name I gave her cuz she turns tricks everytime I have my back turned. If I've told her once, I've told her a thousand times.....Men like it when you play hard to get. But I just can't seem to get it through her thick skull. I dunno, maybe I need to slap her around a little....she does like it rough......

She has a couple friends, that I'm not too sure about, Darlene --woo woo twilight zone there!-- and Freda, who has her convinced that she needs to take me shopping Target and get me to buy her a ring. Saw a picture of said ring, and it looks purty serious. Damn Freda and all her daytime TV shows that keep her convinced that she needs commitment. I told Rachel to set the TV to Barney or something easier on Freda's brain, not sure what's going on there. Trixie can't handle all those big words though, so if Freda doesn't knock it off, I'm gonna have to go over there and kick some serious bitch ass. That is if Rachel can keep Freda out of jail for longer than a week at a time.

So, the three girls were talking the other day, and I'm pretty sure Darlene was trying to convince the others that dubies were "good for thier health". Don't know why Jenni doesn't nip that crap in the bud. Don't need my woman out getting stoned everytime I turn around. How'm I supposed to get the action I need outta her if she's so out of it she can't service the men I bring by for her??? She has to earn her keep somehow. The woman has one heck of an appetite and I can't afford to feed her all the time if she's not bringing in any money! Sheesh. It's not like I'm running a free shelter here or something.

Oh, damnit! Gotta run....just got the call that she got her lips stuck in the mixer again. Damn woman! Don't know why she thinks she needs brownies all the time! It's dangerous for a woman of her limited mental abilities to be in the kitchen unaccompanied. Guess I'll have to think about a sitter for her or something. Well, I'm off to the ER to rescue her once again.

Good thing she's such a looker....wouldn't put up with this from just anyone.


Kristie said...

What the hell is this about! That is the scariest person I've seen! Steph you are starting to worry me! I think it's time for a friend intervention!

Steph said...

LMAO it's a joke with a couple girls from work. I have Trixie, Rachel has Freda, and Jenni has Darlene. We are making up outrageous stories about them, to kill time and keep ourselves from being so bored we can't see straight.