Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Working the Family Practice

Well the day is coming to an end, and it seems I have survived my first full day working family practice. I think I even made it through with all my hair! The day was insane. I'm so used to urgent care and this end is way different. Hopefully, I'll be back to my normal tomorrow. On the up side, I get to go home early on Friday! That means either a nap, or more time with Bryson. Which will I choose??? Knowing me and the guilt I'd feel if I left Bryson at daycare and took a nap, I'll be picking him up early. Oh well, guess we'll get to do some fun art project. I love the little bugger!

The hubby will be out of town all day Saturday. That let's me clean house without him sitting around watching TV or playing on the computer while I work. Believe me that pisses me off more than most anything else. I did finally get him to clean the bathroom for me last week though. But I had to ask, he didn't volunteer. Are all men that blind??? So he gets to go play paintball, while I'm stuck at home cleaning. How is that fair? Then he has the nerve to be upset when I spend time with my mom and don't invite him. What the hell?

I'm exited for Thanksgiving. A lot of family in town from my hubby's side. Good thing I like all the ones that'll be there!! And, that weekend I get my tattoo touched up. I totally love it, no regrets at all about getting it, or where I got it. On the foot, and it did not hurt nearly as bad as I thought it was going too. It seems that we will all be at my place for the tattooing this time, so that means I have some extra cleaning to do next week. Yay me. Cleaning is totally not my thing.

Well, that's about it for now. Tune in next time for more in the boring life of me.


Cariad said...

<3 Told you dude, lets blow the place UUUP >:)