Sunday, November 23, 2008


K, so this picture, I found the other day and thought it was hilarious!! Who wouldn't laugh if you found this in your kitchen!! Reminds me of some of the antics of the cats that we had growing up.

I'm thinking that Sunday's may be the most depressing day of the week. It means that I have to rush around getting laundry done so that I can be at work on time the next morning. this point it is not something I look forward to. It must change, or I will be going back to PIC where I was perfectly happy.

Rachel and I went to see Twilight this afternoon! Oh My God!! Yummy!! I'm still cleaning up residule drool any time I start thinking of Edward/Robert!! ahhhh I think I need one.....or 10! Somebody please get me one for Christmas! I'll forever be in your debt if you do!!

Well, should get off here and get myself and Bryson ready for bed. I know I shall have some delicious dreams tonight!!! mmmmm.......


Cariad said...

-Dies- Omg.. seriously, I found the song they play at the end too.. I WANT ONE!