Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My husband was abnormally sweet last night. When I got home from work, he was washing the dishes and cooking dinner. Rare on the dish washing....not the cooking. After dinner, I decided to make a couple batches of cookies, so I'd mixed the dough and was waiting on the oven. Decided to do up the dishes that I'd gotten dirty and the ones we'd eaten off, and he came into the kitchen and told me he was going to do those. I was almost shocked speechless. Normally I have to ask and sometimes even guilt trip him into helping with any housework.

After we went to bed, we were laying there and he was watching Heroes. He wouldn't let me fall asleep, so I wasted brain cells on that dumb show. After that was over, he starts in on all this sweet talk. Like how when he'd told me earlier in the evening that I was the only one he fantasizes about that he truly meant it. That he'd never cheat on me. That I am his entire world. When I told him I knew all that, he said that he didn't tell me often enough, and he didn't want me to be insecure because he'd been in relationships before where he was the insecure one and didn't want to do that to me. He even said that he wants to know what I'm thinking all the time because he wants to know everything about me, that I'm his best friend in the world. When I told him he truly didn't want to know everything I thought about because he'd be mad if he did....because I think such crappy thoughts about myself so often... he told me he wouldn't be mad, and that he did want to know, so that he could help me think better of myself.

I'm thinking some of this comes from the fact that I got so into Twilight. And, once before I told him I'd like more romantical things. It was kinda weird though. I even cried a little. Shh don't tell anyone! Guess I need to get a fix off hot movie stars and fictional characters a little more often! lol


Kristie said...

Sounds like you've got a pretty great guy Steph! I knew I always liked Todd! I hope you will open up to him! You are a great person I hope that you will figure that out! Why do you think I've been friends with you for more then half our lives?!?!

I like the idea of reading to help relationships! Ryan and I have been more "intimate" since I started reading the Twilight Series! I say what ever works to get the passion flowing!

Cariad said...

I want Edward. Simple as.